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Jen Eden, Home Detox Expert & Green Living Advocate
The Gift of Healthy Skin



There’s something kind of awesome about finding a skin care line whose products feel luxurious, keep their promises and are free of the chemicals and toxicants that fill the tubes, bottles and jars of most conventional lines. And if those products don’t break the bank? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s worthy of a celebration. Or at least a blog…

Juice Beauty – the brand to which I now trust my face – is a beauty product line that was founded by Karen Behnke, a California mom  and “serial wellness entrepreneur” who, during her first pregnancy, realized that effective and safe skincare was of utmost importance and that the lack of regulation of the personal care products industry had led to some pretty unsavory and unhealthy offerings. Knowing that our skin absorbs around 60% of the stuff we put on it (in other words, around 60% of those unsavory and unhealthy products), her mission became clear.

Karen’s goal was to create innovative personal care products that, unlike the more familiar ones, were not based on water (which is safe, but dilutes other ingredients) or petroleum (which is not safe due to potential hazardous contaminants), but rather healthy, organic juices. And, along with professional scientists and experts, Karen was successful, developing truly effective juice-based products.

Many collections later, Juice Beauty has over 100 options, including cleansers, moisturizers for all skin types, blemish clearing products and body lotions, as well as the much touted Stem Cellular Collection and Green Apple Peels, all made with a host of safe ingredients (with a total USDA certified organic content of 98%). In fact, the list of ingredients that Juice Beauty will never use – including phthalates, pesticides, parabens and many other endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and skin irritants – reads like a Who’s Who of what not to slather on the skin.

Juice Beauty facial products are now elbowing out many other products on my bathroom vanity. The clean, sleek packaging is chic and the products, as I mentioned, offer good bang for the buck. One of my faves is the SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer. This zinc oxide based moisturizer softens my skin well and provides very important protection against the sun’s skin-damaging rays. It goes on rather smoothly and, because it’s tinted, doesn’t cast that telltale white zinc hue.

I’m also really enjoying my Juice Beauty nighttime regimen. I’ve been using the Daily Essentials Nutrient Moisturizer, which is very hydrating and full of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s so rich, that just a bit on the fingers goes a long way on the face. And my eyes are getting some Juice action as well. The Smoothing Eye Concentrate is good for all skin types and tends to the dark-circled and fine-lined area under the eyes (heck, age and parenting will do that to a girl) with grape and carrot juices, as well as other nutrient rich ingredients such as avocado.

As holiday time is upon us, I’m thinking that some Juice Beauty products, stylishly wrapped, would be the perfect gift for my friends, my sister, my mom. I love the idea of being the benefactor of healthy beauty in the form of gift-wrapped boxes bursting with items that are luxe, practical and totally current in terms of the trend toward non-toxic personal care products. And they won’t be presents that are just powerful in the moment; they will be gifts that continuously take safe and excellent care of the skin of the people I love — inside and out.