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    I’m coming off a very inspiring week. I was sitting in front of the computer with earphones on for much of each day, drowning out the sound of everything else going on around me. I wouldn’t normally tout … Continue reading

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      These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a pregnant woman who isn’t aware of the fact that the things she eats, breathes and exposes herself to can impact her developing fetus. Whether the insult is in the … Continue reading

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      This post first ran on igokids.com.  The kitchen is at the heart of my very busy life. My four children’s ample appetites guarantee that I’m a regular in that space, faithfully whipping up meals, snacks and drinks … Continue reading

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It might seem obvious, but it never hurts to be reminded that all food and drink should be kept away from areas that are being painted so as to reduce the potential for contamination. And, speaking of food, how about … Continue reading

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Ideally, a pregnant woman steers clear of a freshly painted room for at least several days. But either way, because indoor air can be many times more toxic than outdoor air, a room being painted should be well ventilated (e.g. … Continue reading

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First things first. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a pregnant woman shouldn’t be the one doing the painting. Which means: don’t stick around for any scraping or sanding of walls, which can rustle up lead from the disco-era paint … Continue reading

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      This post first ran on Wellroundedny.com  Lemon Sorbet. A tart and yummy dessert, yes, but also the sweet yellow color my husband and I chose when planning our first nursery, 12 1/2 years ago (ok fine, I … Continue reading

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I have a bad reputation. Oh stop it, not in that way. No, my bad rep comes from my insistence that anyone who comes into our home has to take off his shoes. And wash his hands. And do a … Continue reading

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Confused about environmental health? Perplexed by the influx of information, the array of so-called natural products, the promises of a healthier life? Luckily for you, I’ve spent years researching the facts and finding the products that can positively impact your … Continue reading

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      There’s something kind of awesome about finding a skin care line whose products feel luxurious, keep their promises and are free of the chemicals and toxicants that fill the tubes, bottles and jars of most conventional lines. … Continue reading

Jennifer Eden created JenerationEden with one goal in mind: getting you to live as healthfully and as free from environmental toxicants as possible. As a mother of four, Jen has passionately researched the very compelling issue of environmental health and has discovered the safest products available for you, your children and your home.
When you tell your kids to wash their hands, you’re helping to ensure that chemicals and contaminants on their hands go down the drain. But if they’re washing with a chem-filled soap,